From my deck chair

The sun peeks up over the mountains around 3:45 am this time of year on the island. Even with blackout blinds…I still know its up, and so do my little dogs.   It was going to be a gorgeous day,…

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Handbag Etiquette

Most of the time I carry a satchel shaped handbag. It matches my aesthetic and is easiest on my shoulders and neck.  I do have some shoulder and cross body bags that I use when traveling and shopping. I also have a…

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Looking For Beauty In White

…looking for beauty… beautiful back the beauty of matching hangers beautiful red lipstick beautiful hat beautiful way to start the day beautiful place to read a book beautiful truth. images

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Comfort Shoes

…a term used to describe Gnome shoes… If I were an aging hippie type I’d have no problem finding comfortable shoes at a reasonable price. But I’m not, and even when I was a hippie in high school, I didn’t…

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The Silver Lining

~ To find the silver lining in life’s stormiest clouds takes faith and perseverance. Knowing there is a hopeful aspect to every unhappy situation. ~ I’ve been helping a family member navigate the health care system for several long months.…

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