How To Be Elegant

 We’re all a combination of style characteristics. That’s what makes personal style…personal. How you dress is the outer reflection of your personal style and your behavior usually speaks the same language. Working with a new client last week, we discovered that Elegant was a…

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Wrinkles Around Your Mouth?

I subscribe to a daily newsletter from Dr. Andrew Weil. A pioneer in the field of alternative/integrative medicine…he is a wealth of knowledge. I’ve read most of his books and heard him speak numerous times. This little piece of interesting…

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How To Make Limoncello

…make Limoncello… I have fond memories of sipping homemade Limoncello at the home of some dear friends in Rome two summers ago. Crisp, sweet and refreshing. I was intrigued that she’d made it herself. So when a dear friend, here…

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White Wednesday

It’s white jean season. I love the all white outfits. Notice how the belt takes center stage.For this look to work, you need to like your waistline and want it to be a focal point. My favorite way to wear…

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Wearing Lace

…romantic…feminine…delicate…luxurious… Lace seems to having its moment.  Again, always. A client of mine saw this lace top on the J.Crew website. She wanted us to work it into her wardrobe. Newly back on the dating scene, we have been tweaking…

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