How Our Colors Change as we Age

Do you know your best personal colors? Several of you have asked me to talk about our personal coloring and how to know what flatters us. Can our coloring change as we age? You bet and that means our most flattering…

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How to Pop a Collar and Keep it Up

I’m a big fan of popping the back of my collar up. I love the sassy attitude it gives and how the collar frames the face. I never pop the entire thing because makeup gets on the front as my face…

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5 Wardobe Essentials You May Not Need

We’ve all read the articles listing the essentials every stylish woman needs in her wardrobe. The must-have, universally chic, items that ensure a woman will be well dressed. I’d like to toss a little sand on 5 must-haves and explain why they…

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Style Tip: Color or Proportion?

What’s more important in a garment? The color or shape? I’m always aware of proportion but got distracted by a heady color last month and am sharing my mistake to illustrate what went wrong. Today I’m talking about color and the power…

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Getting the Right Fit for Petites

I’m pretty short and most size charts label me a petite, but I seldom shop there. Petite garments don’t fit me very well. Although brands like to think there is generic sizing for petite women, there isn’t because our torso…

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