Trench Coat Roundup and Details That Flatter Your Shape

Happy Wednesday ladies. I hope you are staying warm and dry. We’ve just survived a few days of torrential rain which has me wishing for spring more than ever. When it rains here, it

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Look of the Week: Unwinding In Style

Happy Monday ladies. The more casual my lifestyle becomes the more often I reach for comfy clothes. Anything that binds or feels stuffy has no place in my retirement wardrobe. I like clothes with unique

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Would You Wear It? Canary Yellow

Welcome to the weekend and would you wear it. Each Saturday

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Dressing Room Diaries: Modern Classics

Happy Friday ladies. Thank you so much for your supportive comments on Wednesday. Knowing others are struggling with similar life-altering issues is comforting and reassuring. This community is special because of you, thank you! Today’s dressing room diaries

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Putting Down Roots

Happy Wednesday ladies. My posts have been sporadic lately and I thought I would explain why. My husband and I have struggled with where to retire for some time so last year we decided to kick ourselves in the pants into…

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